[Stainless steel] LOVECOME EARRING (2Color)
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[Stainless steel] LOVECOME EARRING (2Color)

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It is a material that can be relieved even in allergy ring of ring circle ring circle circle, and it is attached to cubic in the middle, and it
matches with the look of office office look and the guest appearance. –

Stainless steel material does not rust and is durable and is
allergic. It is a material that is also used as a material.

There is no discoloration compared to general plating material, so it can be used for a long time.
However, there is no discoloration only in the case of white color, and the pink gold is
coated on stainless steel, and discoloration occurs over time.
The pink gold turns into gold and turns into white, and the
white color itself is a color of stainless steel.

If you are new to
stainless steel jewelery, you may suspect that the color is discolored.
This is not an abnormality of the product but it is the characteristic of the material. Please refer to it ^ ^

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